Witty Answering Machine Messages

By | February 12, 2011

Answering machine messages do not have to boring or staid all the time. One has ample opportunities to get creative especially with a residence or cellular line. Hence, one can have fun with such messages and spread cheer. Witty answering machine messages also are a reflection of one’s sense of humor and intelligence.

Sample Witty Answering Machine Messages

  • You know what to do and how to do it. Wait for the beep and then get cracking. Bye!
  • I am obviously not in the mood to receive your call. So just inflict yourself on the answering machine. Thank you.
  • You are fortunate you have got the answering machine rather than me. Despite its name, luckily for you, it cannot answer back. So just do the needful.
  • Whether I call you or not depends on the kind of message you leave. So think hard and make sure it is good. Have a good day.
  • I am glad I was not born an answering machine. It cannot be fun to take down boring messages all day. But they are useful, so go on, utilize this one and record your message. Thank you.
  • Hello, this is [name]. I am sorry but I do not want to receive your calls and thus you shall be directed to my answering machine. Do the needful after the beep and I might just about give you a ring.
  • Hello. I have a number of bills pending hence I may not pick up calls for a very long time. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. Record your details on the answering machine. Thank you.

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