Welcome Messages for Wedding

By | March 31, 2011

Welcome messages for wedding are messages to welcome people to join a particular wedding and make the event a happy one; also showering the bride and the bridegroom with blessings. A welcome message denotes that the inviting side wants the presence of the invitees in the auspicious event. Some examples of welcome messages for wedding are given below.

Sample Welcome Messages for Wedding

  • I welcome you and your family with gratitude to attend the wedding of my daughter and bless the couple.
  • We welcome you to our marriage to be held next week; we wish your presence along with your family for the propitious event.
  • As the guardian of my son, I welcome you all to attend his wedding and shower your precious blessings on the newly wed.
  • To have a successful marriage life all your blessings and wishes are required; so I being the father of the bride, I welcome you all to her wedding.
  • From the bottom of my heart I welcome you to our marriage; you have been with us all through, now it is the time to oblige us with your presence at our wedding and bless us.
  • The entire family of yours is heartily welcomed by us to attend our daughter’s wedding and shower your incalculable blessings on them for their bright future ahead.
  • Wedding is a ceremony of love, bondage and ultimate togetherness and who else other than you should be the witness to such an event in my life. So, my friend, I welcome you to our wedding. Your presence is not only desired but also it is demanded.

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