Welcome Back to School Messages

By | November 30, 2011

Welcome back to school messages are those messages which are addressed to the school going children in order to welcome them back to the school. These types of messages can be sent by friends, teachers and other people in the school. There are various occasion when Welcome back to school messages can be addressed like after summer vacations, illness, holidays and others. These types of messages can either to send to an individual student or to a group of them.

Sample Welcome Back To School Messages

“ Dear students, today I feel so happy to see you all back in the school after your summer vacations, hope you had a nice time with your friends and family. Welcome back to school!!!”

“ Dear friend, welcome back to school !!!  We all missed you a lot.”

“ Dear students, welcome back to school !!! We as your teachers feel very proud as you have won the intenational singing comnpetition… Keep it up .”

“ My dear friend, the school seemed to be broing without you and now when you have come back from your training, I feel so happy that I cannot express in words… welcome back to school !!!”

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