Welcome Back Messages

By | March 31, 2011

Welcome back messages may be sent to anybody- friends, parents, siblings, children, colleagues, spouse etc. These messages are sent to show that you were concerned for them and are quite glad that they are back now. These messages help the person to feel special.

Sample Welcome Back Messages

  • Respected Sir, we all missed you very much during your stay at the hospital for the surgery. We are glad to welcome you back; our work environment would not have been as good as it is without you. Welcome back, Sir.
  • Dear Lucy, I hope your trip to Egypt was splendid and educational. Even though your trip was of ten days, we were missing you as if it has been years. Welcome back dear. Do show us the photographs you have taken and tell your experiences when we come over.
  • Long time no see, we have missed you dear. Welcome back, anyways.
  • When we sent you to the rehabilitation centre, we had lost all hope. Now that you are all cured and healthy again, we welcome you back with open arms. We have indeed missed you a lot and dearly wished you would be back soon.
  • Dear Jack, we have heard of your accomplishments in our office in Belfast. We are indeed very proud of you and honoured to work with you. Now that you are back here, we welcome you and wish to work with you. We dearly hope that will be just an enjoyable experience as such an efficient person like you will be working with us.

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