Wedding RSVP Messages

By | July 16, 2011

Wedding RSVP messages are those messages sent by a person getting married to invite friends and family members to the occasion of the wedding party or dinner. Wedding RSVP messages must be inviting enough to tell people how their presence will mean a lot to the couple getting married.

Sample wedding RSVP message:

  • As I get married, I would love it if you can grace the occasion with your presence as well as the presence of your family.
  • Your blessing would mean a lot to me and my partner as we decide to get into wedlock on the coming Sunday. You are invited along with your family.
  • Our wedding can turn into an affair to remember only if you grace us with your presence and blessings.
  • You are invited to our wedding as without you any happy occasion is incomplete.
  • Your presence in my life has been unmatchable and so will your presence at my wedding too. So please be a part of my happiness by coming to my wedding.

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