Valentine Day Quotes

By | February 8, 2011

Valentine Day has inspired numerous quotes by all. From poets to scientists, people have always wondered what gives birth to love and what inspires passion. Hence, Valentine Day quotes are popular not only during the season of love but they are timeless and eternal like love itself.

Sample Valentine Day Quotes

  • As Oscar Wilde had famously pronounced, love in itself is inestimable wealth. Money and power are insignificant trifles beside the frenzy that true love inspires.
  • Love, as Shakespeare had wisely said, is dangerous, passionate and timeless. Love cannot be reasoned nor rationalized. It comes upon one suddenly, announced, but not unwelcome.
  • In his famous words, Einstein absolved gravitation of any role in making people fall in love. The force of feeling love inspires spares no one.
  • Love has been universally acknowledged as lending a touch of spirituality in human lives. It is a connection between souls and thus transcendental.
  • Love cannot be ratiocinated. It is impulsive and irrepressible and therein lays its charms.
  • As Eva Gabor had very perceptively pronounced, love is a gamble with high stakes. It is addictive. Love cannot be tempered or rationalized or even understood in its true essence, it is the quintessence of our being.
  • Love is the force that makes the world go around. It is here, there and everywhere. Passion, desire and love culminate to form a heady combination.
  • Love is boundless and omnipresent. It does not take into account boundaries and limitations. It is as the bird, soaring high up in the sky, graceful and immensely potent.

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