Thinking of You Messages for Wife

By | January 28, 2011

Marriage is the ultimate bond of eternal togetherness and a husband-wife relation is the most sentimental and sensitive of its kind. So in such a relationship it often happens that any one of the two misses each other and in such a situation some thinking of you messages works the best.

Sample Thinking of You Messages for Wife

  • With every passing moment it is only your thoughts that are coming to my mind and making me realise how much your absence kills me.
  • Thinking of you is like blinking my eyes, with every blink you come and with the next you disappear.
  • You have always been a loving and caring wife. So now, when I am not with you at this very moment, I am thinking of you and you and only you.
  • Though I may not be a very expressive husband but let me tell you sweetheart that merely your thought give me happiness and adds yet another smile to my face.
  • It is through my thoughts that I feel you & I realise how special you are to me. The place which you hold in my heart is indeed special. I miss you with every passing moment.
  • Thoughts are the only way by which I stay connected to you my beloved wife. So thoughts are my biggest support when I am not with you. I keep on thinking of you which keeps me going.
  • Your thoughts are my dreams, my dreams are my life and my life is my wife. So thanks for giving me a sweet wife in your form which gives me my life. Missing you a lot!!!

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