Thinking of You Messages for Friend

By | January 28, 2011

Friendship is a word which is as large as the vastness of its essence. There is no specific time of missing friends, it is just that we feel the heart’s connection towards a friend; may it be in times of crisis, merriment or in idle time. Sending thinking of you messages to your friends is the perfect way of telling them that how much you miss them and love them.

Sample Thinking of You Messages for Friend

  • Each and every moment spent with a friend like you are etched on my mind forever, so whenever I think of you all those priceless memories make me realise your worth in my life.
  • Our friendship was full of quarrels but you were and still a part of me and my life.  Every time I think of you, tears role down my cheeks remembering the quality time we spent together.
  • Thinking of a friend like you makes me feel special because God was kind enough to let me be friends with such a person who is not only a genuine soul but an awesome person.
  • I cannot imagine my college days without you. Thinking of you still makes me nostalgic as I am once again cast by the spell our friendship had on me.
  • You have been a friend who challenged me to grow and be the best I can be. You have always showered a brother’s care and a father’s guidance. When I think of you I am filled with awe, I am filled with compassion and I am filled with sadness because I really miss you buddy.

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