Thinking of you Card Messages

By | December 23, 2010

Cards have been probably always been the easiest gifts. But cards with well written messages and genuine sentiments are always cherished and preserved. In fact the older the cards are preserved the more invaluable they become so does those sentiments attached to those memories. Sending ‘Thinking of you’ card messages ensures that receiving person is reminded the fact there exist another person who always holds him/her in his thoughts.

Sample Thinking of you Card Messages

  • I think of you …. Every time I smell the fragrance of the garden rose; Every time the morning breeze caresses my skin; Every time I see murals in the blue sky; Every Time my ears listen to the rain drops…. …….And Every time I BREATHE.
  • I have decided I’ll never remember you but then again it was an easy decision to make…. Because how can you remember someone whom you haven’t forgotten for a second.
  • Earth may stop rotating, The Sun may stop shining, the birds may stop flying but I will never ever stop thinking of you.
  • Whenever you read this, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, always remember there is someone somewhere with your thoughts in his mind and you in his soul.
  • Every moment that we have shared together: The fights we had, the songs we sang, the movies we watched, the pizzas we shared, the parties we had and every moment in between is etched in my memory forever and I keep thinking about them every single day.

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