Thanksgiving Inspirational Messages

If you consider thanksgiving as an ordinary custom, you are missing the proper meaning of the day. As much as thanksgiving is enjoyed by us for the festivities and dinner, we should also rejoice our good fortune. Not to forget saying ‘thank you’, thanksgiving inspirational messages give a push towards the right direction.

Sample Thanksgiving Inspirational Messages

  • God resides in two dwellings. While one is in heaven, the other’s in a humble and thankful heart.
  • For hearts which have peace and virtue and are kindly and don’t seek a hoard blindly for increasing; for those grieving over the sordid plans of life; for souls still having belief in man and heaven; for homes which are lowly with compassion and love and for things which are holy, I thank you, my lord.
  • I praise god for not only guiding my directions but also overruling my mistakes.
  • A courteous heart’s not only the grandest virtue, but also the parent of other virtues put together.
  • Praise has several effects, depending upon the mind it encounters. While it makes a foolish person more arrogant, it makes a sensible person modest.
  • Gratitude gives sense to our past, ushers peace for today and conjures a vision for the days to come.
  • Thanksgiving is like contentment with a learned attitude. A person who’s yet to learn being content can never be thankful as he lives with an illusion that is more deserving than his worth.
  • As the year yields its harvest and shares abundant blessings, May your thanksgiving come blessed with fruitfulness and overflowing love.

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  1. Wale says:

    I loved your story! It bgruoht back memories from my childhood. The visit to the library and all the wonderful and exciting days of exploration and discovery in the stacks. I do not remember the librarians, but I remember the beginning of my love affair with books. To quote and old saying, “Thanks for the memories.”

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