Teacher’s day messages from kids

By | December 24, 2010

It is said that the first lessons are learnt at home. But there are some really important lessons which are taught at school. Kids generally learn the basic things in their early childhood through teachers, and the lesson learnt then remains with them forever. The following are samples of messages that kids can send to their teachers on teacher’s day.

Sample teachers day messages from kids:

  • Thank you for holding my little hands and teaching me whatever I know till now ma’am. Happy teacher’s day.
  • You have been a great teacher and a good friend. More like a parent for me. Thanks sir and a very happy teacher’s day.
  • The way colours fill any painting that we draw, the same way you have filled me with an abundance of knowledge which will always help me in the future. Thank you sir.
  • I consider myself fortunate and lucky to have been blessed with a teacher like you who is so loving and so caring for each of his student. I can trust you with my eyes close. Happy teacher’s day ma’am.
  • I have a lot of respect for you dear sir. I consider you my role model and hope one day I will become like you and spread the knowledge that I have gained from you all these years.
  • You deserve all the respect and all the appreciation in the world for your hard work and your selfless service to this institution.
  • Wishing you great luck for your future and thanking you for all the lessons you have given to us. Happy teacher’s day.

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