Take Care of Yourself Messages

By | April 28, 2011

When we tell someone to take care, we should not say it superficially, just for the sake of saying it. Rather, we should truly want the respective person to take care of themselves. Take care of yourself messages convey ones care for the other and silently murmur prayers for the recipient’s good being and prosperity. In times of crisis, take care messages work wonders.

Sample Take Care of Yourself Messages

  • Now-a-days you are not having a good time in business as well as in your personal life. However, do not worry as I assure that these clouds of darkness will be removed fast. All I wanted to say is that you take care of yourself.
  • The scorching heat of the summer is now on a roll. Please do take care of yourself; prevent yourself from the heat and keep a good health.
  • Take a good care of yourself as you have just recovered from a major surgery. Be conscious about your health in general and do not neglect the causes of discomfort in particular.
  • I am very much worried about you as I stay away from you, my dear son. You handle everything alone and I am not being able to accompany you even in your first ever album launch. I am really sorry but you please do take care of yourself and be successful.
  • Though I have been your junior in college you have always been my best friend. Now that you are going on an adventurous expedition, all I want to say is that you must take care of yourself.

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