Take care Messages to sister

By | April 28, 2011

Take care messages to sister are the verbose manifestations to depict your concern for her.  This can deliver a sincere feeling of yours and make your sister happy by letting her know that you care.

Sample Take care Messages to sister

  • I pray for your well-being from the very first day I held you in my arms. You are always my source of happiness, strength and joy. Please take care of yourself remember you are very precious to me.
  • I wish I could let my sister know that how much special she is for me. I hope my token of love will best depict my concern, care and thoughts for you. Just take care of yourself and always be happy.
  • It becomes difficult to decipher life when everything around us conspires to make us suffer. However, I will still wish my sister’s well being under every circumstance. Remember you are one of the best gifts of god in my life so take care of yourself.
  • Siblings are connected for life but the feelings what we share for each other shuns any definition. Dear sister, I have always wished for your well-being and would do the same ahead as well. I wish you should also take care of yourself thinking someone really cares for you a lot.
  • I am blessed to have a sister who cares for me and stand besides at my hard times. I pray to god that he bestowed you with world’s best things in life. Take care dear.

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