Take Care Messages to Husband

By | April 28, 2011

A well-written take care messages to husband can always depict the concern of a wife effectively. These kinds of messages play a vital role in putting across your feelings for the other person.

Sample Take Care Messages to Husband

  • Not a single day passed when I do not feel for you, your thoughts and concern are always revolving in my mind. Your love and support has always brightened up my day. Please take care of yourself dear.
  • It is not just a message to say that I do care for you but it is also a note to say that you matter to me more than anything in the world. My dear husband life would not have been so wonderful without you in it. Take care of yourself thinking that for someone you meant the world.
  • My dear husband, you have always pampered me with your caress and one of the people who was continuously there beside me in every vicissitudes of life. Nevertheless, as one cannot decipher the moments of life and situations made us to stay far apart I would request you to take care of yourself knowing that someone really wants to see you in good health.
  • My dear husband every moment that I spend without you made me feel so incomplete that I never want you to go away from my sight for a moment even. Remember always to take care of yourself when you are away, knowing that someone really wish for your well-being.

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