Take Care Messages For Friends

By | November 10, 2011

Take care messages for friends are those messages which are sent to friends in order to convey your concern and wishes. These types of messages can be sent on various occasions like illness, farewell, trips and others. Since these take care messages are sent to friends they can be written with humorous tone as well.

Some sample take care messages for friends are:

” Hope you are taking good care of yourself. Remember we are keeping a tab on your whereabouts. ”

” It does not matter that you got hurt, the main thing is that you played well and made us proud. Take care and come back soon. ”

” Hey friend, get well soon and join us like always. Take care. ”

” You are always special to me and will always be. Take good care my dearest friend. ”

” You are the life of our group. Take good care on your trip. ”

” We all will miss you dear friend, take care of yourself. “

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