Sympathy Messages to Colleague

By | September 14, 2011

Sympathy messages to colleague are those messages which are written to colleagues in order to express your sympathy in a tough situation and offer help and support. These messages are best when written straight from the heart and convey your actual feelings.

Sample Sympathy Messages to Colleague:

  • Don’t lose heart. My sympathy is with you and I’m sure you’ll find a way out of this situation.
  • I am so sorry for whatever took place. Wish things could be turned back to the earlier situation.
  • My sympathies are with you in your tough time. You have been a huge support in office and I shall try to be the same for you.
  • Life doesnt treat us well all the time. I feel sad for you and really want to help you in any way possible. Just give me a call whenever required.
  • I heard about what happened and I am extremely sorry and sad for you.

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