Sympathy Messages on Accident

By | November 18, 2010

Sympathy messages on accident are sent to the person who had accidental injuries, to his/ her family and spouse in order to convey the sympatric phrases & quotes. Such messages are sent by friends, colleagues and relatives.

Sample Sympathy Messages on Accident:

  • Sharing in your sorrows and thinking of you, we are wishing you the speedy recovery!

Hello Tom! Hope you are feeling better now and recovering at fast rate. I cannot express my emotions and compassion in my heart. May God disappears all your accidental injuries and blesses you with good health.  My sympathy is with you. Take care!

  • Recall your memories of friend’s support, comfort, good days to ease your sadness!

Dear Susan! Do not be sad and shattered that you had a bad accident. Fold your hand and thanks to God for gifting you a new life! Our sympathy is with you. In case you need anything, please feel free to cal us. Have a nice day!

  • Our thoughts and Prayers are with you during the painful times!

Good Morning Mrs. Hilton! I hope your health is fine now and your injuries are getting better day by day. I pray for your speedy recovery and good health. You will start walking soon! My sympathy is with you! Take care!

  • I saw you cried, I cried for you,

I saw you hurt, it hurt me back!

Darling Tina! Do not feel lonely in the hospital. I am with you always. I do not have words to express my sympathy, but I have good news that you are recovering at faster rate! Love you and take care of your h


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