Sorry to See You Go Messages

By | May 16, 2011

The feeling of seeing someone go is no less than an emotional turmoil and we often find it hard to face the person and encourage his new venture. It would then be nice to convey some sorry to see you go messages that would ease the burden of our heart and also make them feel all the more special. These messages should effectively blend emotional touch for your dear ones with a note of enthusiasm for the new life they are stepping into.

Sample sorry to see you go messages

  • You were a major part of my growing up into the person that I am today. Now that you are going, days will start getting harder for me. I am really sorry to see you go but hope to meet you again very soon.
  • Although right now I am sorry to see you go, I believe this separation is going to be short-lived and we will be together again. All the best for your work. Have fun and live well.
  • I wish I could portray the condition of my heart to you now that is has realized how much it will miss you when you’ll be away on your trip. Please come back soon as I am feeling sorry to see you go.
  • Moments when you would be away from me used to seem like hours. Now that you have decided to take a break for this season, I doubt it will be any less than years to me. I am left with no words but to say that I am honestly sorry to see you go.
  • I am seriously very sorry to see you go. Please keep in touch and best of luck for your future.

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