Sorry Messages to Friends

By | November 18, 2010

It is very common incident that we have an argument with our friends. That argument and difference of opinion leads to a lot of misunderstanding and we stop talking to each other. Now, how to break the ice and start talking again? The first step is to send sorry messages to friends. Later, things would sort themselves out.

Sample Sorry Messages to Friends

  • I know ‘SORRY’ has become just another word now, but believe me it means a whole lot. Please forgive me.
  • I am sorry that I hurt you so much; I will make sure with all my heart not to repeat my action.
  • I know I was being a coward as I could not stand up for you when you needed me the most. I apologize for that with all my heart.
  • I did not mean to hurt you. In fact, I did not even realize the grave mistake I was committing. Please forgive me for being so insensitive.
  • I am so sorry that we fell out on something as silly as this. Please forgive me for I really did not mean to use such harsh words.
  • If I made a mistake unknowingly, then please forgive me.
  • If I could take back my words, I really would, trust me! I really repent the words I had uttered the other day. I did not mean to be so rude. I am really sorry for that.
  • My dear friend I am really sorry for whatever I did yesterday, please forgive me.

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