SMS Thinking of You Messages

By | December 23, 2010

The Twenty first century has had a very pervasive effect on each one of our lives, if anything it has made everyone’s life a lot more hectic. So when the mobile makes that buzz with a flash of the screen followed by sweet SMS from our loved ones declaring that we are in their thoughts, it invariably makes us smile. The SMSs could be simple, funny, touching with a dash of encouragement and lots of love.

Sample SMS thinking of you Messages

  • I only think of you when the sun rises or the sun goes down and of course every second in between.
  • I write this because romance is in the air, music in my ears, love in my heart and only U in my thoughts.
  • Thinking of you is like oxygen my heart requires keeping beating……
  • Miles may separate us but our hearts will never be inches apart, because it will always keep thinking of you.
  • I am the busiest person on this planet……  I have a full time job to keep thinking about you.
  • A great man once said “I think, therefore I am”. I say, “I think of YOU therefore I live”.
  • I’m never alone these days; I always have your thoughts with me.
  • Every time my mobile flashes I think it’s a message from U and when it isn’t I do get a little disappointed….but then I don’t mind it too much, at least it did bring your thought to me.

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