Short Spiritual Messages

By | April 28, 2011

Starting each day with a divine thought in mind can be truly considered as a boon in one’s life, since the practice eventually brings happiness to the follower of the same. It is an equally noble idea to fill up the lives of others with short spiritual messages that would preach spirituality in an influential yet precise manner. Such should be the pattern of short spiritual messages so that it would stir the recipients to similar thoughts, under their natural instincts and not by any force, so much so that they bestow upon the almighty for designing the course of their lives.

Sample Short Spiritual Messages:

  • The Almighty is omnipotent and omnipresent; you just need to recognize him in the hidden forms.
  • None but God knows you the best, even more than you yourself do. Hence, you just glide smoothly along his designed paths and your life will reach the ultimate goals.
  • Remember that the Almighty will always support you, but not show it at all times.
  • Trust in Him even when he deprives you of the happiness in life, and he will definitely reward you when you actually deserve.
  • Believe in yourself, do not let fears overpower you; and God will himself smile at your confidence.
  • Be patient and do not lose faith in the Almighty, although he might be putting you into the toughest tests. It is only through the experience of risks that you taste the real flavor of life and become worthy of living it to the fullest. Remember that it is only after heavy rains that you get to see a rainbow.

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