Short Appreciation Messages

By | December 24, 2010

Sometimes, all we need is a little appreciation. Appreciation is that driving force which makes us do good work; it charges us up and results in good performance. It is a kind of an encouragement which works in catalyzing one’s good actions. Here we are with a list of short appreciation messages which are better than the long ones because they are pretty precise and to the point.

Sample Short Appreciation Messages:

  • Correction might do a lot, but encouragement does better, so here I am appreciating the great work done by you. Congratulations.
  • The work you have performed deserves more than this message might deliver. Keep doing well.
  • No act of yours has gone unnoticed. All the hard work you have put in counts for a lot. Hence I appreciate your efforts.
  • How can I forget all that you have done for me? All I can say is that I appreciate your kindness from deep within my heart.
  • What you have achieved is big and is the result of your determination and strong will. All of it is really appreciated.
  • I open my heart to you and want to let you know that I might have been silent about it before but not today. I appreciate what you have done and hope you remain the same.
  • Good luck for your future and don’t forget that none of your work has gone without notice. I appreciate your gestures.
  • Not everyone can do what you have done for me. Thanks.
  • I take this occasion as a means to appreciate your skills and intelligence.

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