School farewell messages

Farewell from a school means saying bye to all the good friends, the teachers, the staff and the school building which we all love so much. School is like a second home and parting away from it is sure an emotional event. It is hard to find the right words when it comes to expressing your feelings. The following examples might help you get close to what exactly you want to say.

Sample school farewell messages:

  • This is where I grew up, and now I am going away from it, away from my lovely friends. My eyes are filled up with tears as I see my school for the last time. Hope I have lived up to the name of the institution.
  • I wish I could spend my life here, but that is not possible as there are new grounds that I have to face now. Hope my school remembers me. Hope all my friends keep in touch.
  • I shall miss my friends, my juniors and my teachers who have been always a support system for me. Good bye dear school.
  • There are no words of gratitude enough to express what I fell for this institution. It has made me what I am today and proven to be the stepping stone to whatever I will achieve in life.
  • Blessed are those who pass out from this great institution. It has given me not only education but also values which shall remain with me all my life. Thank you and good bye.
  • Thanks for giving me great friends and blessing with me such amazing teachers. Good bye.

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