Sample Welcome Messages

Welcome messages can be conveyed after a greeting of thanks as well as to make someone feel appreciated in a new environment like an office or a new house. Whatever their occasion, welcome messages must make the addressee feel warm and cherished and they must suit the tastes of the recipient as well.

Sample Welcome Messages

  • On behalf of Technopolis, we welcome you to our annual conference on technical innovation across the world. This seminar provides an outlet for illuminating discussions and we hope you enjoy your stay here as well as the seminar itself.
  • On behalf of Aztec Flats Pvt. Ltd., we welcome you, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, to your new apartment. We hope your stay here will be filled with happiness and that you will have no complaints about the kind of services and the level of security we offer.
  • Dear Laura, I just got your thank you message. You are most welcome, dear. You mean the world to me and I am glad that I could be of any help. Do contact me if you need more help. Love, Gisele.
  • Hotel Kingston welcomes you, Mr. Sandman, as our esteemed guest. We are honored and privileged to be able to cater to your needs and we hope you have a happy and restful stay here.
  • The management of Vector Group welcomes all its recruited employees for the year 2011. We hope you have a wonderful time in this company as you shall commence the most important part of your career here.

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