Romantic Sorry Messages

By | May 16, 2011

Romance is undoubtedly the sweetest flavor of all seasons. Two people in love often fight on serious issues, but for a short time, only to persuade each other with sweet talks later on. However grave the mistake may be or whoever might be at fault, it is always wise to apologize with romantic sorry messages that prove how much a person values the relationship above his/ her ego.

Sample Romantic Sorry Messages

  • I know I have hurt you terribly to even ask for forgiveness. Still I would say that I am really sorry from the bottom of my heart for having hurt the most beautiful person in my life.
  • My life had changed for good the moment you stepped in, but happy days are not meant for me. I fear losing you after all that I did. Please forgive me and give me one last chance to save our relationship. I am really sorry for my misdeeds.
  • Forgive me sweetheart, for I really did not mean to cause you any pain. My words and actions were all stupid reactions to the circumstances and I beg of you to kindly accept my apology.
  • You are truly the nicest gift of my life and I don’t want to think of a single moment without you. Please forget all those moments when my words and deeds have unwantedly caused you pain and discomfort. I am really sorry dear.
  • I am really sorry for having misbehaved with you. I know you are an angel who forgives all wrong doers. Please give me the same chance too and I will give my life to win back your love and trust.

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