Reunion Invitation Messages

By | June 30, 2011

The transition of lives from childhood to adulthood and further more are always recognized by some beautiful memories and experiences. The new experiences mould us to the new lives that we currently enjoy. Out of all this, setting a reunion is a beautiful way to evoke the past bonds and alliance and hence enjoying the togetherness once again. Reunion invitation messages are drafted whenever a party for reunion is planned.

Sample Reunion Invitation Text Messages:

  • Time has certainly flown by. It is necessary we must meet! Hence, kindly come and rewind the spirit of togetherness and celebrate the joy with your mates.
  • Have an opportunity and rejoice the unique experience of this reunion and recall the mutual bonds of the old-beautiful days.
  • Do not let this significant reunion party pass without a celebration! Be a part of it and bring back together the past, the present and the future.
  • You are invited on the reunion party to catch up with your old familiar days and clutch your hands with your buddies.
  • Please join us for the reunion bash this evening, and experience the unified rapture.

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