Retirement Messages for Mom

By | November 16, 2010

Retirement message for mom are sent by the children on the behalf of the family in order to wish a happy retirement and to express the joy. Such messages can be sent as a mobile text, an online message and via e-card.

Sample Retirement Messages for Mom:

  • I am the free breeze now, but with the some income! Dear Mummy, Please accept my heartiest congratulations on the time of your retirement. We are very happy mummy as we are going to spend the rest of life with you and have fun together. I am glad that you have completed your tenure successfully. We are waiting for you, please some home as soon as possible. Take care!
  • I am retired now, goodbye tension, hello pension! Loving Mom,

Hey Mom! I am happy from the core of my heart hearing about your retirement. After Dad, you have never let us felt alone and fulfilled our every dream. No words in the world to say thank you! Hoping to see you home soon!

  • Your retirement is ending or completing a turn, but starting a new fresh life. Dear Mother, We are excited to hear about your early retirement. Yours scarifies brought us good education, shelter and desired living standard.  We love you cordially. We are dying to see you as we have decided to throw a retirement party on this juncture. Love you!
  • Hey Mommy, Your retirement announcement is the biggest gift for both of us. Finally, we are going to live our dream to enjoy your company forever. Please accept my gift as a token of love! Missing you Mommy!

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