Polite Answering Machine Messages

By | February 12, 2011

Answering machines have messages recorded to greet anybody who might call that number. It is customary to be polite and friendly to the person on the other end so it is necessary to record polite answering machine messages.

Sample polite answering machine messages

  • Hello, you have reached the answering machine of the Hamilton Residence. We are not at home right now. Please leave your message and number so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.
  • This is J. F. Kennedy’s office. I am afraid there is no one at the office to attend your call, so please leave your name, number and message. I will call you back at the earliest.
  • Hi, this is Ginny and George’s home. Unfortunately, none of us are available to talk to you right now. Please do not mind and leave your message, name and number. One of us will call you and talk to you the moment we have received this.
  • Hello there, if you are listening to this that means there is nobody at the office of Mr. A. K. Damon to attend the call. Please, leave your name, number and message with use and we will find someone to talk to you.
  • Hi dear, you tried to call me. But I am not available to answer this call so you will have to leave your message at the beep. When I get this, I will surely call you back, rest assured and that would be as early as possible.

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