Patriotic Messages for Troops

By | May 16, 2011

Patriotism is a strong feeling of emotion for one’s own nation be it for troops who are safeguarding a nation always from foreign attacks or a common man of a nation. Hence, patriotic messages for troops could surely make them feel how strongly his compatriots support their dedication for the nation.

Sample Patriotic Messages for Troops

  • Let us salute those troops from the core of our heart for making us a proud citizen of the nation. We must contribute something significant as well inorder to manifest their devotion as a successful one.
  • I wish I could show the troops of my nation how much I am proud for their significant effort in protecting us and striving for its progress. Let us join our hands inorder to make their effort successful by putting little emphasize for a better society to live.
  • I wish with all my heart that my nation emerged as the powerful one and the people behind making it so must have commendable names on the pages of history.
  • When I sing national anthem it rekindles my patriotic feelings and inspire me to hold my head high under every condition. Moreover, I feel proud of those troops who are providing courage and strength to every citizen of the nation for holding their heads high under every situation.
  • We salute those troops and pay a tribute to them for glorifying our motherland and helping every citizen of the nation to feel the essence of patriotism at the fullest.

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