New Baby Congratulations messages

By | September 4, 2010

Parents would be most pleased if they are appreciated on the birth of a new one in their family. Sure you do meet them and congratulate them as soon as you can, but a small congratulation note in a letter shows your intent and concern. It would help to brighten up the atmosphere further.

Sample New Baby Congratulations messages:

  • Congratulations on your new ray of sunshine. May she grow up to look as beautiful as her mother.
  • Having a baby is very special, and his naughty deeds are sure lot of fun. So, congratulations on your new little one!
  • The best gift of God and his dearest blessing is a baby. God bless the baby and good luck to you. May you always be showered with the Love. Congratulations.
  • Looking forward to visit your new baby girl, I’m already in love with her. We promise to bring lots of toys. Congratulations on the new arrival.
  • The birth of another sweet one in the family that is already overflowing with sweetness is not unexpected. It makes your family lovelier than it ever was
  • The young one of a lion is a lion, tigers give birth to tigers and similarly a sweet couple would have a sweet little child as expected .Congratulations on having a new family member, who I guess is sweeter than the two of you!!!
  • We wish to welcome your new cute little baby to The Earth. Congratulations.
  • Congratulations. May the baby girl be blessed by many.

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