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One can find a large set of sample messages on this website for a wide range of occasions to express emotions to the fullest. Messaging of the present day through the phone and internet is as hearty as it was the case with exchange of letters by postal mail.

Messaging is a very ancient means of communication where in the messages were sent in ink by messengers or else birds. The advent of technology resulted in the present day instant messaging that flashes on the screen in a fraction of a second from the other end.

It has grown leaps and bounds because of the inexpensive cost of service. It has resulted in a great revolution by creating an environment of virtually talking to people at almost no cost. Most of the times, the first one that disturbs you is a good morning message

Mobile users are shifting to messaging from the voice calls to express feelings in spite of the difficulty to get adopted as it saves lots of money. Love texts and friendship message forwards are the most of their kind.

It is reported that the highest number of text exchangers all across the globe are youngsters. The coming generations are well tuned to the technology and hence can use it to good effect than their elders.

Besides plenty of them related to various occasions like wedding messages, there is a brief description of every such occasion to let you create messages by yourself. Even tips are provided to people to help them write birthday messages and certain other funny text messages.

To send a lengthy message on a phone is considered very uncivilized and people use short substitutes such as the “UNOIT” for ‘you know it’ to express within the limit. In fact, texting is a code language to be mastered.

Choose from the wide number of templates and enjoy messaging with no effort of typing the text!!

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