Life Messages To Daughter

By | July 16, 2011

Life messages to daughter are important as they consist of life lessons which a parent might want to share with his/her daughter. These messages are filled with advice and morals which one derives from the various stages and phases of life. Life messages are meant to fill a person with a sense of inspirations and positivity.

Sample life messages to daughter:

  • Dear daughter, you have been a positive person in life, just remember to think good and be happy in whatever you do in life.
  • Life might not be a bed of roses for the years to come. So be ready to face challenges but always come out a winner in every stage of life.
  • Life treats you the way you want it to treat you. So think good and happy thought and let pieces fall in their places.
  • Life has its thorns attached with the flowers. So fight the thorns and be ready for only flowers.

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