Life Messages for Mom

By | September 14, 2011

Life messages for mom are those messages which are written especially to mothers and meant to inspire them for a good life. These messages can have little notes about life in general and must be short and concise.

Sample Life Messages for Mom:

  • Life is a maze of complications, happy days, sad events and challenges. Make the most of it dear mom and come out as a winner.
  • The mother of a child is like the almighty. She holds the baby’s hand from the beginning and holds onto it till the very end. A mom is definitely the best gift for every child.
  • Life has its share of good and bad days. A mother must face both with the knowledge that her children love and adore her.
  • To be a perfect role model for her child, a mother must teach them to learn, strive and become better human beings each day.

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