Humorous Farewell Messages

Humorous farewell messages are messages which are conveyed to an individual on the occasion of his or her farewell. As the name indicates, humorous farewell messages are meant to lighten the solemn occasion. They provide joy and cheer. They should not be gross or crude. Framed correctly, humorous farewell messages can be really effective.

Sample Humorous Farewell Messages

  • Dear Jack, you have finally got the break you always groaned for. But this one is going to be pretty long. Anyway, jokes aside, we hope you have a happy life. Good luck.
  • We have always looked longingly at others’ farewell parties and wished for the day to arrive soon. Yours in finally here and you must be screaming with joy inside so take that mournful look off your face and enjoy your retirement.
  • Dear Ronald, a future with your wife’s constant admonitions awaits you as you finally say goodbye to your beloved office. We wish you all the best for that and other surprises or shocks that may await you.
  • You will be remembered for exactly ten days till someone replaces you in the office. These are the harsh truths of life. Nonetheless, we promise, albeit untruthfully, to remember you and your work forever. May God bless you and good luck!
  • Now that you are going away to London, may we expect presents from the great city? Well all the best for your London sojourn. Remember us lesser mortals
  • This farewell is not for you. It is for all the sandwiches and impressive muffins that your wife would pack for lunch. We shall miss them.

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