Housewarming Party Invitation Messages

By | February 12, 2011

When people move into new houses, they arrange for a housewarming party for their neighbours, friends and families to spend time with them and introduce themselves at the neighbourhood. Housewarming party invitation messages should be framed in an innovative and unique way to make your presence felt.

Sample Housewarming party invitation messages

  • Please join us at our home for a housewarming party on [date and time] at [address].
  • We are moving into a new house at [address]. We decided to organize a party to meet up with all our friends. Please do come at [time] on [day]. We are so eager to meet you and have a great time together.
  • We bought a house, painted it, remodelled it, and furnished it, spread out the welcome mat. But there is one thing that is yet to be done. That is letting you know that the address of my place is _________________ and we wish you would honour us by joining us in the housewarming party that we have arranged for on [date] and [time].
  • You know what? The windows are yet to be cleaned, the flooring is yet to be waxed, the furniture is yet to be dusted and that is because I have a house now. While I finish all the chores left to do, you get ready to attend the housewarming party on [date and time] at my home at [address of the house].
  • To all my friends and family, do join at the housewarming party at my home on [date and time].

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