Heart Touching Sorry Messages

By | May 16, 2011

Sorry is one tiny word, if said truly from the heart, can help heal all wounds that we may have caused others unknowingly. It is not always easy to convey an apology that would portray the exact feelings of your heart in words. Heart touching sorry messages should hence be framed in a way such that they sound authentic and seem to be coming straight from the heart, so as to touch the other person as much to forgive you and make up things again as before.

Sample Heart touching sorry messages

  • Sorry might just sound a silly word after all those misdeeds of mine. But I would still ask for your forgiveness saying that I am really sorry.
  • If only I could have controlled myself then, such an instance would not have come when I cannot even face my own self due to these guilty pangs. I beg of you to kindly forgive me for those stupid moments and I promise there will never be a second time to this. I am really sorry dear.
  • I know that a sorry would be too small to compensate for the huge mistakes that I have made and ended up harming you who means the most to me. But I am still wishing that my simple but truly felt sorry can do some wonders and I can bring back that smile on your face. So I say again and again, I am really very sorry.
  • Trust me, I seriously didn’t mean to do this to you. It was all impulsive and I am really feeling bad about it now. Please forgive me as I am feeling terribly sorry for all those nonsense.

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