Halloween Answering Machine Messages

By | February 12, 2011

Halloween is the only time of the year when one can record spooky and funny answering machine messages and get away with it. A time of tricks and treats, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to come up with interesting Halloween answering machine messages.

Sample Halloween Answering Machine Messages

  • Hello, this is Robert’s residence. If you do not mind the occasional ghoul eavesdropping on your message, do record it and I will call you soon.
  • Hello, Happy Halloween. We are sorry we are not in right now as we have gone grave digging. Once we are back, we will call you immediately so do leave your message after this beep.
  • If you value your life, you will do as the directions on this answering machine. If not, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences. Happy Halloween.
  • Hello, this is Mary. I am at a séance, wrestling with a very stubborn spirit, so I cannot pick up the phone at present. You know what to do after the beep. I will call you soon. Happy Halloween.
  • Hello! You have called the North-West Cemetery. Do leave behind details of the kind of grave you want dug for yourself after this beep and we shall comply with your request. Happy Halloween!
  • Hello! Trick or treat? This is Karen’s and I am not in currently. Please do the needful after the beep and I will call you soon. Happy Halloween!
  • Hello, you have called Martha’s. If I survive tonight, I shall call you. Do leave your message behind and Happy Halloween!

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