Graduation text messages

By | May 12, 2010

If you are not able to join the success of your friend, cousin or acquaintance then at least you can send a text message that will tell him that you are happy for his success. The message will reach to him in seconds and you will also be able to get your feelings across.

Sample Graduation text messages

  • I am sure that you are feeling at the top of the world today, so enjoy your day but at the same time it is important that you continue putting your hard work in future ahead as well.
  • If you work hard you will be destined to move ahead in life. Congratulations as you will be called as a graduate till you get your next degree in hand.
  • You always knew for what you wanted and you also have the capability to make your dreams come true. And you have proved it today. Congratulations for completing your graduations.
  • Life will give you what you want if you keep on working for it. So keep on putting your best so that success comes your way. Congrates.
  • Congratulations Alex may you remain as happy as you are today. Keeping on giving your best and working hard.
  • You have always been a shinning star. May you remain happy and get success in every field of life. You are a start, so make us proud of you.
  • We are proud of your success and achievement today that there are not enough words that can explain what we are feeling.

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