Good Night Messages to Wife

Good night messages to wife are sent to indicate that you remember her before you set adrift in the sea of dreams. It is also sent to remind her about your love and care for her. Some sample good night messages to wife are listed below.

Sample Good Night Messages to Wife

  • Wishing you Good night is not just a method to remind you that the day has come to an end, it is to remind you that I am remembering you before I go to sleep and I dream of you in my sleep too.
  • Your eyelashes want to meet and rest together, welcome to the world of sleep and dreams darling.
  • Let yourself drift into the world of dreams, for I am waiting there for you. Good Night and sweet dreams.
  • Before you slip into your sleep, I would just like to say sleep well sweetheart.
  • You have had a long day darling, so cuddle into your bed and go off to sleep, good night.
  • Let the sleep fairy come and tap the dream powder on your eyes, so that you spend your long night in beautiful dreams to wake up all refreshed.
  • I wish you ‘Good Night’ not just to show how much I care about you. I also do it to remind you that I miss you and want you to have a good night of sleep.
  • Good night darling and sleep well, for you would have another new day to make a new beginning.

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