Good Night Messages To Father

By | July 16, 2011

Wishing good night to anyone is a common event and it is also considered good mannerism to wish friends and family a good night before falling off to sleep. Good night messages to father must be respectful messages which are meant to wish a good night to father. One must take care of the tone of these messages.

Sample good night messages to father:

  • After all the hard work that you do all day to see us happy, I hope and pray to god to let you have a good night’s sleep and enough rest to prepare you for the next day.
  • Good night father. May you sleep well and see sweet dreams.
  • May you sleep like a baby without any tension or fear and wake up all fresh and charged up.
  • Have a night full of sweet sleep and a heart at peace and rest.
  • Father, you sleep peacefully tonight and wake up with a light mind.

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