Funny romantic text messages

By | September 4, 2010

Humour is something that is absent in today’s society.  It plays an inevitable part in nurturing a relationship.  The ability to see any situation with a sense of humour will avoid frequent quarrels.  Funny messages sent to each other will certainly elevate one’s mood and bring about better warmth and love in any relationship.

Sample funny romantic text messages

  • I talked my way into your life; now you talk all day and I listen.
  • Before we married, you were eager to cook my favourite dish; now we are happily married thanks to my cooking.
  • My darling, I will climb the toughest mountains, cross the roughest seas, bear the worst of heat to see you my darling.  P.S.  I will see you on Sunday evening if it doesn’t rain.
  • The man of your dreams was handsome, patient, loving, caring.  You will have to make do with me, as you can’t marry four men.
  • My darling wife, they say a marriage thrives on sharing.  Ours has thrived too by sharing household tasks.  I do the cooking and cleaning while you arrange the table and make the bed.
  • The last three years of our married life were the best.  I was in Mumbai and you were in the US.
  • Our wedding was finalized on the net, we chat over the net, now how do we build a family.
  • I wish I had 10 arms to hug you, 5 lips to kiss you, 4 pairs of eyes to devour your beauty, but alas I don’t have the time to use the parts that I have.

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