Funny New Baby Messages

By | November 16, 2010

When a new baby is born it is a moment of happiness and joy and what completes this happy moment are funny new baby messages.  When a baby is born, there is a smile and joy on your face, and these funny messages further adds to your happiness quotient.

Sample Funny New Baby Messages

  • Diapers to change and shit to clean, welcome to your new job. Welcome to parenthood.
  • Now you have an added responsibility as a husband, a new born to take care of. It is an indication that you need an increment.
  • However peaceful as a person you are or however peaceful your life had been, it is now a thing of the past. Peace will now become history as you will have sleepless nights. Congratulations on having a new baby.
  • May all your misery come to an end, as it is time to loosen your purse as you have to bear the expenses of a newborn.
  • It is time to work out your monthly family budget. It is also time to increase your family budget. Congratulations on becoming a father.
  • You always wanted to change as a person. Thus, god has given you a gift in the form of a baby, so that you stop being a miser.
  • Once you were two, now you are three as a new member has joined the family. Congratulations on being a proud parent.
  • Life is not so easy, earlier you used to cook for one and now you have to cook for two. Welcome to your new role as a mother.

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