Funeral wreath messages

By | May 12, 2010

It does not seem to be right to send the message alone at time, accompanying a wreath along might make a difference and help the receiver in understanding that you care and understand the pain that he has been going trough. A small note from your side can mean a lot.

Sample Funeral wreath messages

  • I was a pleasure to know your granny, may you get the strength to overcome the situation.
  • It is important for you to hold yourself together at present so that you can support your family in handling the phase you all are going through.
  • Accepting the situation is all that we have in our hands, the sooner we are able to do so the easier it will be for us to take care of our self.
  • Sorry for your loss.
  • I wish that your family overcomes the situation. I will pray for you all.
  • Emma was a great person to know. She will always remain a part of my prayers.
  • Try to hold yourself together is this difficult situation as you family is counting on you. May you get the strength to overcome this difficult phase in life.
  • I will pray to god that your mom rests in peace however; she will always hold a special place in our heart and be though about always.
  • I know life is showing you a difficult time but I am also sure that you will be able to overcome the situation as you are one strong man I have ever known.

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