Flirty Romantic Message

By | November 18, 2010

Flirty romantic messages are sent by the lovers and friends to each other to express the feelings, sentiments and emotions.  To draft a flirty romantic message, one can use romantic quotes and poetic phrases along with some cute pictures.

Sample Flirty Romantic Message:

  • I had a bad time. The smile of a beautiful girl can make me happy! So would you like to smile for me?
  • Hey Jenna! You are a wonderful person I have ever seen in my life! Hoping to see you around! Take care.
  • Can you see me? No? Turn around and try once more. Can you see me now? No? I can see you because you are the special one in my heart.
  • Hello Jacky! Hope you are doing great. I want to see you to complete my day. Come and meet me today evening at Hotel Hilton. Bye!
  • I just lost my memory and forget my home. Can you take me to your home?
  • Dear Susan! It was good to see you in college today. You were looking very pretty. Have a nice day!
  • Roses are Red,

The Sky is Blue!

Sugar is sweet,

But nothing compared to you!

Hello Tina! How are you? You have a lovely personality. See you at your home today evening.

  • Hi! I am Mr. Right! Someone told me that you were looking for me?
  • Hey Anna! I will be waiting for you in the library. Come as soon as possible & make my day special. Take care!
  • If the flowers were the dreams that remain last long! I would pick the most beautiful bunch to please you!
  • Hello Andrea! Your presence makes me pleasant. I feel great when I see you. You are the most beautiful lady I ever met in my life. Keep smiling!

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