Flirt Valentine Day Messages

By | April 28, 2011

Flirt valentine day messages are sent on the special day to one’s beloved or to someone one is interested in. They must suit the occasion and they must be framed in a style that is witty and shows flair. Flirty valentine day messages can be a lot of fun and they must be formulated keeping these considerations in mind.

Sample Flirt Valentine Day Messages:

  • Hey love, on this auspicious day, might I hope you will finally recognize my undisputable charms and say yes to my proposal?
  • Today is Valentine’s Day and today I can flirt with you without apology or license. I wish every day was Valentine Day and that you would bear my cheek with such a wonderful and resigned smile as today.
  • It is Valentine’s Day and today we, the connoisseurs of flirting, have unlimited freedoms to inflict our art upon maidens like you. Pray dear, near with me and permit yourself a little pleasure!
  • Dear love, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, May I, by the leave of Saint Valentine himself, be permitted to say that you are the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life?
  • Today is our day, isn’t it? Today we can flirt shamelessly without feeling guilty about the small pleasures of life!
  • On Valentine’s Day, flirting is allowed. With your permission, may I be allowed to permit myself this little indulgence?
  • If flirting is an art, Valentine’s Day is the opening day for my new collection of one liners and opening lines!

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