Flirt Messages to Boyfriend

By | April 28, 2011

Flirt messages to boyfriend, as the name suggests, includes witty, racy messages to one’s boyfriend. However care should be taken to ensure that these messages are not offensive. Familiarity must not lead to presumption and flirty messages to one’s boyfriend must remain that—flirty and light hearted.

Sample Flirt Messages to Boyfriend:

  • I dreamt of you last night where you asked me over for coffee. To redress that balance it is only fair that I take you out for coffee tonight.
  • This message falls in the category of level two flirtation. For further updates, say yes to a movie outing and we can proceed to level three.
  • Hi there! Do you think we have some sort of connection in our past? Every history class brings your face to my mind. It is as if we share a bond over time.
  • Hi honey, come home quickly. I am bored, thinking of you and reading of new moves in the latest magazine. Get the hint?
  • Flirting must be made mandatory for the heath of every relationship. With this in mind, I hereby embark upon the choicest modes of serious flirting. Hope you shall partner me in this noble endeavor.
  • Hi love, I am in the mood for some romance. Care to oblige?
  • Hey darling, I have only one thing to say to you when you ogle at other women: “Look but don’t touch,” as the latter is an option only I can enjoy!
  • Flirting is beneficial for a healthy life. I am healthy and see no reason to compromise my health!

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