Flirt Good Night Messages

By | April 28, 2011

Flirt good night messages are sent to one’s beloved. They convey a sense of light hearted warmth which can be extremely precious and endearing. Flirty good night messages must suit the occasion. They must be sweet, well intentioned and clever in order to bring a smile to someone’s face. They must on no account be gross or vulgar.

Sample Flirt Good Night Messages:

  • Good night love, I know you will be going to bed thinking of me. No, I am not flirting. I am merely hoping.
  • Good night sweetheart. May you have a great night, but for pining for me.
  • Good night dear. Another day passes by with me trying my luck and you unfailingly turning me down. May the next day be as entertaining for my poor soul!
  • How about a little nightcap before we bid this day adieu? Your place or mine?
  • I have spent an entire day chasing you and asking you for a date. It is only fair I get to spend the night with you!
  • Good night and sweet dreams. Not that they will be if you dream of me as I know you will. I am not exactly what you would call sweet!
  • Good night honey! I will let you have your eight hours of peach before I am back pestering you into accepting my coffee date.
  • Every night I dream of you and hope and pray that you will see what millions of other women have seen in me over the years. Good night!

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