Farewell Messages to Team

By | December 24, 2010

A farewell message to a team should mention the emotions one feels for the team as a whole and not just an individual. It is not an easy task and might become really time consuming for some people. To help those people, the following are a few examples which might help put you emotions into the precise words.

Sample Farewell Messages to Team

  • It was great working with a team that was focused, disciplined and hard working. Hope to avail the pleasure again. Good luck.
  • Yours was a team that had the right mix and combination of people which can make any work look like a piece of cake. Wish you the very best for your upcoming projects.
  • It was a pleasure to have you as the assisting team. Never knew that even work could be fun until we worked with you.
  • You all have the right attitude that leads to completion of any task without any roadblocks and hassles. Best of luck.
  • Your work is appreciated and your intelligence is an example for any team that works on a project of intense complexity like this one.
  • Your team has set a standard which should be an inspiration for any team or group that works on a sales project. Wish you good luck and happiness for you future.
  • All the time spent on this project seemed like a great working experience. Our company has had a lot to learn from your team’s dedication. Thanking you and wishing you all a good life.

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