Farewell Messages to Seniors

Farewell messages to seniors are written to those seniors by their juniors whose absence will be very much missed by the latter and so to bid them farewell with a heavy heart, farewell messages are written. These messages carry lot of emotions and

say far more things than what just the words portray.

Sample Farewell Messages to Seniors

  • When I first came to the college you were the first senior to come and talk to me; I will never forget that moment. By cherishing those past memories my heart is becoming heavy whenever the thought of bidding you farewell comes to my mind. But this is inevitable; so here is me wishing you goodbye and I wish you all the success and prosperity of the wider world outside the college campus.
  • You have always guided me through the difficult situations within this span of college life, saved me from getting into unnecessary troubles and been there besides me during those long winter nights when I was shivering out of fever in the hostel room. All your helps will be a milestone in the path of my life. I wish you the very best in life ahead and may you get all the desired success in life.
  • You have always been a responsible senior; played pranks on me but at the same time helped me the most too. I will never forget all your suggestions to me on the exam eve. More than a senior you were like an elder brother to me. As it is farewell time now, all the best for your job and may you have a great life ahead.

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