Farewell Message to Teacher

By | December 24, 2010

A teacher is a guide, a friend, a mentor and one who imparts knowledge selflessly. It is always saddening when a teacher either retires or gets transferred. To express your gratitude, you need to deliver your farewell message to the respective teacher, which can be a difficult thing to do. But the following sample messages might help you in case you are not finding the right words.

Sample Farewell message to teacher:

  • You’ve always been there like a constant source of light in the times when I needed you. Hope you have a great future ahead and hope you continue spreading this light wherever you go.
  • You scolded me when I made a mistake, you encouraged me when I did well and you supported me when I feel down and refused to get up on my own. You have been a great influence sir. Best of luck for your future. Keep in touch.
  • Keep up the good work madam. You have always been a great knowledge provider as you have gone beyond the textbooks to impart good habits and lessons of life to your pupils. Thanks for everything. Wishing you a prosperous future.
  • It is time that you let your pupils be independent and concentrate on your personal life. Hope you have peace and happiness in your retirement period sir. Good luck.
  • May god grant all the happiness to you and may goodwill be on your sides for the years to come. Hope to see you next semester back with us once again. Have a good life dear sir.

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